Xaar 2001+

Ultimate versatility in ceramic tile decoration


The new Xaar 2001+ is the most versatile family of printheads available for ceramic tile decoration offering unrivaled design versatility, production flexibility and industrial reliability.

This new printhead family, which is available in three drop size ranges, is unique because it jets one colour at 720 dpi or two colours at 360 dpi each. Tile manufacturers benefit from its ultimate design versatility because they can select a printer set-up which meets their productivity, print quality and tile design requirements. In addition, they can adjust the printer set-up quickly and cost effectively to respond to changing design trends.

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The Xaar 2001+ family of printheads is ideal for printing an extensive range of ceramic tile designs and patterns. Tile printers enabled with the Xaar 2001+ can respond more quickly and cost effectively to design changes.

  • Jets one colour at 720 dpi or two colours at 360 dpi each, enabling ink configuration changes to respond to design trends
  • Available in 3 drop sizes: the GS6C (6 pL) prints very fine details ideal for wall tiles; the GS12C (12 pL) balances fine details and high laydown to cover a wide range of ceramic designs; the GS40C (40 pL) jets the highest laydown for special effects
  • 2000 Optimised Geometry nozzles deliver high productivity with a broad range of oil-based ceramic inks.

The Xaar 2001+ family delivers market-leading print quality, high productivity and high ink laydown to create ceramic tiles that are differentiated from the competition.

  • Market-leading print quality, with up to 720 dpi and 8 grey levels, means that tile manufacturers can produce a wide range of designs for floor and wall tiles
  • Fast line speed of 50 m/min (ink laydown up to 39 g/m2*) enables high production throughput and a fast return on investment
  • High ink laydown (up to 78 g/m2 at 25 m/min line speed*) delivers tile designs with intense effects.

*Xaar 2001+ GS40C

The Xaar 2001+ family delivers maximum production uptime with minimum operator intervention for high production output and a fast return on investment.

  • Xaar TF Technology® ink recirculation ensures continuous ink flow at a high rate directly past the back of the nozzles during drop ejection; air bubbles and unwanted particles are carried away – maintenance is reduced to typically once per shift or less
  • The XaarGuard™ nozzle plate provides highly effective protection from mechanical impact so that production interruptions are minimised
  • With Xaar’s Tuned Actuator Manufacturing, actuator performance is optimised to ensure that print quality is consistent across all the printheads in a bar, and at different greyscale levels.
  • New XaarSMART™ technology reports ink temperature and printhead status in real time so that printer performance can be easily adjusted to deliver consistent print quality throughout the production run.

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Xaar 2001+ datasheet (English) (250.55 Kb)

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