Leading tile manufacturers around the world choose the Xaar 1002 because it provides unrivalled reliability, and maximum performance and production uptime, even in the harshest ceramic tile manufacturing environments.

The Xaar 1002 is the printhead that revolutionised the tile decoration industry when first introduced. Today it continues to be adopted all over the world as tile manufacturers move away from traditional tile decoration methods.

Highlights of the Xaar 1002

Xaar’s patented TF Technology™ ink recirculation and Hybrid Side Shooter™ (HSS™) architecture together deliver the highest flow rate of ink past the back of the printhead nozzle for effective air bubble and particle removal.

No other printhead on the market has the same true ink recirculation (directly past the back of the nozzle) or high flow rate as the Xaar 1002. Therefore reliability is radically improved even in harsh industrial manufacturing environments.

The Xaar 1002 GS6 jets 6-42 picolitre drops making it ideal for the production of light tones and detailed tile designs viewed at close quarters, such as wall tiles.

The Xaar 1002 GS12 jets larger 12-84 picolitre drops, delivering even more ink for bolder tile colours and effects. Alternatively, the Xaar 1002 GS12 can give the same ink coverage as the Xaar 1002 GS6 but at double the print speed.

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